Primary School Support Package

Primary School Support Package

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Ministry of Education’s Primary School Support Package is a high-quality, cost-effective, fun and educational resource that encourages the positive development of children's literacy and numeracy skills during their early years of formal schooling.

What makes this package so special is its comprehensive teaching guide. It has been developed by experienced teachers to ensure it is easy for both parents and students to understand and follow.

When you purchase the Ministry of Education Primary School Support Package, you receive:


  • More than 50 pages of bright, colourful and appealing educational activities and resources
  • Happy handwriting activities, including support resources
  • Literacy activities that consolidate your child’s awareness of letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make
  • Fun numeracy activities which reinforce effective strategies children can employ when working with numbers
  • Wipe-off, reusable activities for extended learning and sharing with younger siblings
  • A comprehensive teaching guide that is easy to follow and will ensure you get the most from your package
  • A sturdy, A4 folder comprising all of the quality content.

The Primary School Support Package Level One is ideal for:

  • Children preparing for primary school
  • Primary school children